Do you take proper care of your feet or you remember them when there is a problem? This is a trend with many people; they only look for podiatry services when they are in deep problems. Note that it is your responsibility to take care of any of your body parts and this should apply to your feet. Your podiatrist will give you the best ways to take care of your feet to avoid complications. The following are the major steps to attain healthy feet as recommended by the best podiatrists.

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes

The first step towards attaining healthy feet is wearing comfortable shoes. Comfortable shoes usually help improve the condition of your feet and ensure they are always in the right state. As you look for the best shoes to wear, it is critical you take into consideration the ones that fit you well. They should not be too tight to avoid ingrown toenails, hammer toes, foot pain, and corns.
On the other hand, if you get the ones that are too big, they can cause sore heels, blisters, and calluses. You should wear the ones that offer you the right support. In terms of material, cotton and leather shoes are the best option. They give your feet an opportunity to breathe and release moisture.

Develop the habit of taking a walk

Like other parts of your body, your feet contain muscles that require regular exercising. In case you spend a whole day standing or sitting, taking even a short walk, will assist you to stretch and make your muscles stronger. Besides, tendons and ligaments also become more flexible. As you walk, never forget to wear comfortable and properly fitting shoes.

Wash your feet daily

Your feet are always trapped in shoes, the moisture, and sweat that accumulates offer a conducive environment for fungi and bacteria to thrive. This is more between your shoes. The fungi and bacteria can cause infections bad odour among other problems. Therefore, you should make sure that you do proper cleaning of your feet. As you clean your feet, focus more between the toes with a medicated soap. After cleaning the toes, dry them thoroughly to help reduce the risks of skin conditions and other infections.

Moisturise your feet

Despite that it is always advisable to keep your feet dry, it is also advisable to ensure that your feet are moisturised. Keeping the feet dry makes it easy for your feet to breathe effectively. On the other hand, moisturising the feet helps the skin to remain soft to prevent scaly, dry and cracked skin. This is more necessary during the warm season when you might wear open shoes. However, as you moisturise your feet, never apply lotion between the toes.

Wear socks

With the knowledge of the right footwear, it is also necessary you wear socks. They help absorb and help remove moisture. Besides, they offer the right cushioning and minimise tear and wear of your feet. Socks also help reduce the impact of standing and walking.

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Foot Care Tips From A Highly Qualified Podiatrist